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I am dedicated to helping PEOPLE build their dream business and achieve financial freedom.

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For close to two decades, I have achieved great success as a high performing agent, selling Director and now as the CEO of Coronis Group, a prominent national real estate network. An ordinary woman (and school drop-out), who faced rejection, overcame adversity and achieved some of her greatest aspirations. I am on a new mission now – to share my learnings with aspiring agents, high performing agents and leaders.

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For years I proved that in an industry with very few prerequisites, hard work and perseverance trumps. In real estate, it is up to you and what you want to deliver to yourself through your own actions. I focus on streamlining processes, improving conversion through training, accountability and most importantly, challenging people’s mindsets through real, raw, emotional conversations which encourage people to think differently about their future, create more self awareness and untap their potential.

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Success is the result of self-awareness, insightfulness and conscious action. Let me tell you about my sliding doors moment.

I was raised as an only child, by a spiritual mother who saw little value in material possessions. From a young age, I was living in an adult’s world. At age 11 I was selling pinwheels at musical festivals. By age 12, I had left school. I set aside my education, in favour of a ‘career’ picking fruit to make ends meet. At age 16, I transitioned into my first sales role, selling promotional products in shopping centres. My $10 per hour salary afforded me very little. Despite experiencing first-hand the struggle of financial hardship, I remained optimistic about my trajectory. I was determined to control of my future and live a life of choice... I made the decision to embark on a different endeavour and create a future I felt proud of, as a Real Estate Professional.

By age 23, I had mastered the art of selling. I had developed strong habits. I was consistent in my behaviour and I didn’t deviate from the process. After all, success in real estate is all about the compounding effect of daily habits. It’s about building real connections, which transcend a single transaction and becoming a trusted advisor with a strong presence in your core market. By age 26, I had opened my own office, working as a selling Director and empowering a team of aspiring Agents. Mentorship felt like a natural transition and selling was interfering with that focus. I stopped selling and focused my energy on enhancing my team. I found my passion in empowering others. Determined to have a more far-reaching impact, I transitioned into my current role and now I am empowering others nationwide as a thought leader, educator and the CEO of Coronis, a national real estate network.


Through my career, I have taught hundreds of people like you how to harness their vision and build a career they feel proud of. I’ve overcome countless obstacles, and after 20+ years in the industry, I am on a new mission now, to empower others to fulfil their potential, build their dream business and build a career they feel proud of. If you’re here, you’re likely an aspiring entrepreneur, an established agent, a leader or someone who is real estate curious. Welcome to a place of inspiration, empowerment and action.


The Coronis Network has expanded by 25% in the last 12 months.


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We are committed to helping agents to streamline their processes and reach their potential.


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My mentorship programs have supported countless agents on their individual pathways.