By now, you understand the real estate blueprint, but perhaps your conversion could improve? Maybe your goal is to dominate in your market but you’re struggling to break through? There is social proof that you have what it takes, but maybe you are inconsistent in your behaviour? The moment you think you have made it, is the moment the evolution stops.

I have walked the walk, and now I am here to help you identify the barriers to your success so that you can reach your full potential. By now, you have developed an understanding of the process and you are focused on refining your skills. Your habits are so deeply entrenched, that breaking them to reach new heights is no easy feat. Your environment has shaped your real estate experience.

Tip #1: Honest self-reflection opens your mind to reprogramming, change, success and freedom.

The first myth I want to debunk is work-life balance. I think the word balance implies an unrealistic ideal, which is so far removed from the bleak reality in real estate. Instead, I focus on work life integration. I believe in building a sustainable business model which approaches real estate holistically and recognises that there is a world that exists beyond the confines of those office walls. For me, that means I take a very routine and structured approach to my day, prioritising outcomes and delivering what I need to on a day to day basis.

Tip #2: Output over hours.

It’s time to be honest with yourself. Stop thinking you are going to achieve everything in a day. Stop writing an insurmountable to-do list, setting lofty goals, and then becoming disenchanted by them, because they feel so far out of reach.

Tip #3: Set realistic goals.

 Whether it’s pitching for new business, or watching your son’s soccer match, identify the non-negotiables, prioritise the things that are going to have the biggest impact on your life and tackle the most difficult tasks first. Be disciplined with your time, set mini deadlines to help with time management and focus your energy on moving through things efficiently.

Tip #4: Progress over perfection.

 I empower established agents through powerful coaching which is individually tailored. I encourage you to build self awareness and identify the barriers to your success. Through the process of self evaluation, we set up accountability measures and performance metrics which address the deficiencies in your current business model. I have experienced first hand the feeling of stagnation and I am here to challenge you through real, raw conversations which explore vulnerabilities, challenge your beliefs, especially your beliefs about yourself and encourage you to reach new heights.