Business Development Managers

I come from the school of belief that the business development function is just as important as any other division within a successful real estate business. Whether you’re an aspiring BDM, or an established BDM, I encourage you to view the business development process through an entrepreneurial lens. Once you have your wheelhouse in order, the return on investment will follow.

My mentorship program encourages BDM’s to reach their potential through powerful coaching that focuses on a few key principles. You will face resistance. You will face set backs. But it’s your resilience that determines your success. The moment you realise that on every doorstep lies a new opportunity, is the moment you step into the world of abundance that exists for those that reprogram their thinking.


Successful BDM’s focus on the customer experience. They think strategically about the kind of service they want to deliver. They care about exceeding expectations and going beyond the call of duty. It’s about proactive outreach, cultivating meaningful relationships, nurturing prospects and delivering higher levels of service.


Sales can be a roller coaster. It’s up to you to flatten the curve. When you focus on the compounding effect of daily habits, the consistency of results will follow. There’s less dependency on a single lead, when you have multiple balls in the air. My coaching focuses on developing a structured approach to your prospecting, making it more about actions and less about outcomes.


My mentorship program will help you to influence decision making through strategic dialogue. You can certainly approach conversations strategically. But, every day I see talented people who are too afraid to pick up the phone. They’re so busy perfecting their dialogue that they never make the call. It’s about the connection, not the execution. Daily habits compound. Touch points delivering a higher level of service compound. Interactions that enhance the customer experience compound. It's not the big things that add up in the end; it's the hundreds, thousands, or millions of little connections that separate the ordinary from the extraordinary. That’s where the magic happens.


I foster growth and development through a tailored training program that focuses on these four key areas of personal development. It’s a recipe for success that has helped aspiring and established BDM’s thrive within their roles. I’ll help you to leverage opportunities to expand your network and sphere of influence. You’ll learn the art of proactive communication and how to progress your pipeline. Once you find your rhythm, we’ll expedite your growth by setting up an effective business unit around you to support you on your growth trajectory.