Effective Business Units

Your business has expanded and you’ve appointed a talented team to help you saturate your market. Every day is a delicate balance, where you need to delegate, motivate your team, manage their activity and focus on your individual performance. I empower EBU’s to work effectively both independently and collaboratively towards shared goals.

When I first established an EBU, as a high performing agent, I naively thought my real estate business would expand ten-fold. Afterall, that was my motivation for growing my team in the first place and I had appointed a team of like minded individuals who seemed highly competent and as passionate about succeeding as I was. The challenge I faced is that my attention was now divided. I needed to focus on my individual sales performance, but also allocate resources (the most valuable of which, being time) to support their training, development, career progression and unique, individual goals.

Tip #1: A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

With establishing a team came cultural issues too. Different personalities needed to be managed differently, and in an inherently competitive environment, I needed to focus on creating a collaborative team environment that promoted our shared success. It proved no easy feat, but after a long, explorative journey, the inevitable evolution and a few hard lessons in personal development and leadership, I learned how to run an EBU effectively, by letting go, allowing the individuals within my team to focus on their strengths and interests, recognising their efforts and their value and rewarding behaviour that supported the environment that I was trying to create.

Tip #2: Create an environment that supports success.

Now, I help other lead agents with EBU’s to improve their efficiencies, explore the unique skills of the individuals within their teams and identify their competitive advantage within the market. What I have learned is that people feel most fulfilled when they’re living out their passion project, so how can we identify ways to explore the facets of real estate that are most aligned with their passions, for the greater good of the team?

Tip #3: Passion fuels productivity.

 When people feel fulfilled and valued, success follows. I am here to guide lead agents on how to take their EBU to the next level and maximise its potential, through strong, effective management. It involves the explorative process of self evaluation and team evaluation, and it’s often quite fascinating (and game changing) what you discover about your team along the way.

Tip #4: Self reflection is the cornerstone of self growth.

 I empower effective business units to identify strengths and weaknesses within their team, improve efficiencies and develop systems and processes which support efficacy, collaboration and shared success. I teach lead agents how to set up accountability measures, create a high performance culture, boost morale and maximise performance.